Bill Maher Demonstrates How Much He Relies on His Writers to Make His Show a Success

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Bill Maher Demonstrates How Much He Relies on His Writers to Make His Show a Success.

After a long hiatus due to the WGA strike, Bill Maher returned with a new episode of Real Time. He wasted no time highlighting the numerous criminal charges and indictments against Trump since his last show. But let’s not forget the ones who make Maher’s show possible—the writers.

Although he previously expressed some controversial views about the strike, Maher now expresses gratitude for the writers’ return. And it’s good that they’re back, especially with Ron DeSantis as Maher’s first guest after the lackluster Republican primary debate.

Their interview wasn’t exactly riveting, with plenty of lies thrown around, but the bromance blossomed as they bonded over their shared anti-vaccine sentiments. Maher’s interviewing skills seemed rusty, frustrating viewers, especially those who don’t buy into conspiracy theories.

Fortunately, Maher’s “New Rules” segment, crafted by the show’s writers, saved the day. It became apparent that without them, Real-Time would be nothing. Maher would be a day-drunk ex-hippie rambling about vaccines at Applebee’s.

In the end, Maher’s perception of reality was called into question. He falsely claimed Trump looked “robust” while dismissing issues like sexism, racism, and ageism. Maher has much to learn about the importance of perception and support for his writers.

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