Award Winning ‘Silent Night in Algona’ – showcases new poster art and release dates

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Award-Winning ‘Silent Night in Algona’ – showcases new poster art and release dates

The film was just recognized at the Red Letter Awards winning for Best Screenplay and Best Film overall coming out ahead of such films as Devotion and Jesus Revolution.


The Michigan-based production company, in association with Bridgestone Multimedia Group, just announced. SILENT NIGHT IN ALGONA, the WW2 German PW holiday drama just released new streaming and DVD artwork. The film will officially be released on 12/01/23 to home video available on DVD and multiple streaming platforms.

The film was directed by Anthony Hornus, whose previous film was the acclaimed military/dog-themed film Man’s Best Friend. The film was shot in Algona, Iowa, and enjoyed a 9 -9-month theatrical run playing in theatres across the Midwest. The ‘Based on True Events’ film is about the immense labor shortages faced by farmers during the Second World War. It also centers on one of the main PW camps, Algona, one of over 700 camps that housed hundreds of thousands of captured German soldiers. A series of special events unfolded in this area that are truly worthy of being immortalized on film.

CDI has been highly recognized in the past for capturing various historic time periods and events in their films. This film doesn’t shy from the ugliness of war but also showcases and highlights some unifying and positive events. Many stories would be lost forever if not captured on film. It is amazing how many US or German citizens had no idea that German prisoners were kept in the US heartlands.

This film was produced with the assistance of many companies and individuals who care about history. Hershey and Hormel, two international brands, were on board as their products even play into the actual history of the events. Smithfield Foods, Lerma Transportation, Iowa State Bank, and BioClean Team Inc. are among some of the major sponsors who aligned with this powerful and uplifting story.

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