Remembering Pendragon Park

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by  Harvey Kurek Ovshinsky
Sunday’s post recalling my penchant for pop quizzes in my 4th and 5th grade Grosse Pointe Academy creative writing classes prompted my frequent creative collaborator and former intern Robert Kernen to remind me of the video we produced in 2003 as part of our pitch for a new PBS children’s series to replace READING RAINBOW.

Instead of reading, PENDRAGON PARK celebrated the role of writing and language arts in helping children improve their communication and problem-solving skills. Inspired by my work in the classroom, the series was host to a gallery of imaginary characters and creatures that helped visualize and motivate even the most reluctant scribes during the various stages of their creative and learning experiences.

“I like it,” Judith Stoia, Executive Producer of Children’s Programming at WGBH, said excitedly after screening our video and reviewing our proposal. “You’ve taken the spinach out of the learning without sacrificing curriculum.”

“And I can’t wait to meet Wanda. She’s my kind of goose!”


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