Mark Your Calendars for June 25…that’s the day of South-Central Michigan’s first filmmaker mixer

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Mark your calendars for June 25, as this is the day of the first South-Central Michigan filmmaker mixer. Join us from Noon to approximately 5:00 PM for a gathering of filmmakers from all over the region’s south-central area,

Pulling filmmakers from Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti/Saline to Kalamazoo, from Lansing to Michigan’s southern border, and open to anyone interested in filmmaking from as far as they wish to travel, this will be a big day for the filmmaking community.

Hosted in the original carriage factory of Michigan’s earliest state prison, Art 634, a 25-year-old artist co-op, will provide the perfect backdrop for this exciting event. You’ll have the chance to explore the home of regularly scheduled art shows and artist workshops, all while rubbing elbows with the local filmmaking community.

Mark your calendars now for a day filled with creativity, collaboration, and inspiration.

Dress comfortably. And be prepared to connect with others from Michigan who share your interest in filmmaking.

Regardless of where you are in the state, all are welcome!  If you have children, bring them.  If you are sitting for your dog, bring it too!
Are you interested in setting up as a vendor? DM me, David W. King.

Admission is only $5 to help defray the costs.

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