‘Hood Chicks’ coming to TubiTV next month

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I’m ApeX. I’ve been building the HOOD CHICKS brand for 10 years… and as a crowning achievement, it’s coming on TUBI NEXT MONTH 🔥🔥🔥🔥 and now… off that platform… I’m filming HOOD NIGGAS …

You don’t want to miss this HOOD MOVIE SHIT all this other shit is dead…

Link into where life at… get in HOOD MOVIES and have your brand travel the world…
This other shit is local and have u going in the circle spiral of death…

I’m just getting started…

I’m still dripping three more movies this year 💪🏿
Creating more separation from you niggas…
Dropped a book at the top of the year: GET FANS
Then dropped a Digital Book:
Unlocking the Power of Ai
Then dropped a Black Vampire film (30 min Movie short) on Amazon:
The Dark Gift
Now HOOD CHICKS coming to Tubi…
Next Drugz & Strippers… already signed the deal just waiting for the green light.
Then I got a comedy directed by Celebrity Comedian SPANKY HAYES… it’s already shot.
Then I’m knee-deep in Grand Theft Auto: Murder City 2.
Y’all cappin… I got my foot on the gas…
I got more going than that… but y’all just gotta wait for it…
All I know is win… man I don’t even really sleep…
I just keep pushing… #Champion
Time for the #Championship
And remember…
I’m your Champion
I fight for us
For the shit WE WANT
That’s why I ain’t scared to put out a movie called HOOD NIGGAS, knowing it’s going be hard to promote
Cuz I know what we want, and I’m just gone do that shit
Fuck what them wack niggas talking about
They can keep them boring ass movies over there
This HOOD SHIT, my nigga
If u wanna b in this, n u can put some money up

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