Fellpeller Studio Casting Call Improv Show, Have self-tapes in by 5/17/2023

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Yes, and? And… and, what? Oh, that’s right! And did we mention; Fellpeller Studios is putting on an IMPROV SHOW that we want YOU to be part of?

Follow the steps provided and submit your audition today for something amusing!

AboutFellpeller Studios
A production company and media collective comprised of writers, directors, musicians, and artists dedicated to pursuing independent cinematic expression and assisting those who believe in the same.

About the Russell Industrial Center
The Russell Industrial Center is an industrial factory turned into a commercial complex of studios and shops located at 1600 Clay Street in Detroit, Michigan.

The Russell Industrial Center is a 2,200,000-square-foot, seven-building complex designed by Albert Kahn for John William Murray in 1915. Wikipedia

Help Preserve and Promote the Rich Culture of Michigan’s film industry.

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