Never Can Say Good-Bye Seeks Co-producer

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“I am open to co-producing with another team that presently has the resources I lack.” Theresa Chaze

Never Can Say Goodbye is a family-friendly paranormal thriller comparable to Ghost and The Others. With the tag, when love is forever, death is only the beginning; NCSG intertwines the past with the present as the ghost of a murdered child brings her parents and murderer together after they have reincarnated. If they can remember the love and forgive, she will be freed. If they seek the revenge they were denied in the past, they will all be damned.

Never Can Say Good-bye: a paranormal thriller feature film

Sara Jane and Randolph met and fell in love as children. Several years older, Randolph went to work for her father, James. Determined to give Sara Jane the same standard of life, Randolph did the unthinkable betrayal. He claimed a large tract of old-growth forest for himself instead of James and became a pariah in the community. Only Sarah Jane and her mother stood by him. James actively worked against him by persuading the Michigan mills not to buy his logs. James’ revenge backfired. Randolph found alternative markets, which brought higher profits than anyone expected. Enraged. James forbade the marriage. Loving each other more than they feared him, they eloped. As their happiness grew, so did his hatred, which cascaded into events that caused Sara Jane’s death and the murder of his grandchild. Before Randolph could exact his revenge, he, too, was murdered.

Their souls quickly returned to live in new bodies. Their conscious minds had been wiped clean, but the past remained festering in their subconscious. When the fates, with a bit of help from the living, bring them together, all of their lives are thrown onto a dangerous collision course from which they can neither run nor hide.

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