Director John Covert’s ‘The Raker House’ has been officially released on TromaNow and Roku

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Director John Covert’s “The Raker House” can now be seen on TromaNow and Roku TV. You can see it and your fill of other exotic cinemas as you have never imagined for the next 30 days FREE! Of charge.

In Covert’s award-winning thriller, a confused and disoriented husband living in dreamlike suburbia reckons his spouse, the local mortician, is behind his mysterious memory loss.

Written and directed by John covert and co-produced by Matt Tangeman, “The Raker House” stars  Whitney Lavaux as Mrs. Raker, Niko’a Salas as Mr. RakerAlex Javo as Carl, Matthew Ellsworth as Ted, Lilith Jenovax as Tattooed Woman, and John Covert as the Clown.  Produced by 1111 O’Clock Productions and T/V Productions,  Troma Entertainment will distribute this thriller.

Remarked Lloyd Kaufman, founder of Troma Films, “That has to be one of the weirdest films I’ve seen. I loved the hell out of it.”

To watch this film FREE! of charge for the next thirty days, register with TromaFilms at

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