See another poster for Lorenzo Pierson’s “The Wife and Her Secret.” But above all else, see this Lorenzo Pierson movie–Coming Soon!

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Lorenzo Pierson’s latest film, “The Wife and Her Secret,” tells the riveting story of Sasha, a woman whose hidden past comes back to threaten her idyllic life. Triggered by unforeseen events, she is left with no choice but to take drastic measures – even if it could mean sacrificing everything dear to her to protect herself from the darkness.

With unimaginable stakes at play, watch as Sasha navigates this turbulent journey toward redemption – don’t miss out! Catch the thrilling trailer right now on Facebook!

When I say, “God blessed me with the perfect actress (Grace Sol) for this movie,  she was excellent and everything I envisioned when I wrote “The Wife And Her Secret. “

After weeks of filming, the highly-anticipated psychological thriller “The Wife and Her Secret” has come to a close! This movie will surely take viewers on an incredible journey, featuring an all-star cast led by Grace Sol and Amon James alongside some powerful supporting actors.

Get ready for drama/love story/mystery – it’s bound to be taken up a new level with Lorenzo Pierson at the helm, writing/producing/directing what may be his best work yet!

“This is one movie the world will talk about,” said Pierson

LORENZO PIERSON’S New Movie “The Wife and Her Secret” is Coming Soon! ”

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