Watch for William Tokarsky on Prime Video’s ‘Welcome to Flatch’

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Watch for William Tokarsky on Prime Video’s ‘Welcome to Flatch’

In Amazon Prime Video’s “Welcome to Flatch,” a documentary crew takes a journey to the quaint town of Flatch, Ohio, and discovers an exciting event: The Scarecrow Festival! Through immersive storytelling, they uncover two cousins’ mission to win first place in this age-old tradition. Along the way, viewers get an intimate glimpse into small-town life with all its pleasures and challenges.

According to a review on Rotten Tomatoes, “This Americanized reimagining of a British sitcom doesn’t make the funniest of first impressions, but its small-town scruff is endearing enough to merit sticking around and giving it a chance. ”

Rotten Tomatoes gives “Welcome to Flatch” a 58% on the Tomatometer with 12 Critic Ratings, but a surprising 76%  Audience Scor with 50 Users Ratings.

One of the actors making up this “small-town scruff” is character actor William Tokarsky. He plays Len in 17 episodes of “Welcome to Flatch. ”

Talk about this, William Tokarsky.

About William Tokarsky
William Tokarsky did not set out to be an actor; he came to the profession late in life, has lived other lives and not merely imagined them, and can carry that quality into his pretending. William has experienced more in life and certainly has more depth from which to draw. He is an actor who is an unfrocked priest who, for an hour or two, can call on heaven and hell to mesmerize a group of innocent people.

William Tokarsky’s late-breaking career as a character actor has garnered him an enthusiastic cult following. His role in the 2014 sensation “Too Many Cooks” solidified his fame, and since then, he hasn’t looked back, landing prominent SAG roles such as The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) and Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle (2017). He even lent four seasons’ worth of demonic performances for Adult Swim’s “Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell”! Always letting his wardrobe do most of the talking on set, William continues to surprise audiences with each new project – like the upcoming 2022 rule “se “Welcome To Fl”tch”!

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