(San Jose, California) The trailer for the movie ‘Blood on the Leaves’ has just dropped

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When a PI is brought on to find an abducted child, they quickly discover that the case isn’t what it seems. In “Blood On The Leaves,” secrets unfold as our detective uncovers hidden truths behind a sinister plot where no one and nothing should be trusted.

Written by , “Blood on the Leaves” is directed by , who has served in the script and continuity department and has been an actor and a producer known for “Thru the Rinse,”” Timid Pimps” and the “Troll Hunter” TV series.

“Blood on the Leaves” stars Sundra Oakley (Known for Legends (2014) and Big Hero 6 (2014), Michael King (Wheels of Fortune (2020), and Bruhj (2020), Pete Capella (Rabbit Punch (2022), and Death Camp (2022).  Cinematography by Justin Aguirre, edited by Kathleen McCauley.  “Blood on the Leaves” is produced by 48 Mile Productions.

About the Writer SHarieff Walters
Sharieff Walters grew up in San Jose, Ca, and was offered a scholarship to Utah State to play football. After two years in college, he left school to pursue acting but needed some life experience, so he joined the Marine Corps. He continued acting in plays while on active duty until he got orders to Iraq after 9/11.

After two tours in Iraq, he was honorably discharged and moved to LA to continue studying acting. Due to war trauma, he was diagnosed with PTSD and was admitted to a (Domiciliary) inpatient program for combat stress, where he lived in the VA hospital for a year.  He graduated from the combat stress program and has sustained a healthy and productive life.

Sharieff auditioned for and was accepted into The American Academy of Arts two-year program. After graduating there, he attended the Lee Strasberg Institute for a year and currently studies at the Howard Fine studio.

Sharieff has gone on to appear in multiple short and feature films, commercials, and TV shows, continuing to build his acting resume. As well he has developed multiple short and feature films and has directed and produced several short films, including the award-winning film “Fear of Shadows,” Stolen Goods,” and “Dropping the Kids Off” and has written “Brotherhood” and “Chasing Denzel.”

“Blood on the Leaves” was completed on December 16, 2022, and awaits release.

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