It’s Official, Fasho! Ashei Khan to drop five big movies next year

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I went to the American Film Market right before they closed it for the Pandemic… I paid to go to the Distribution Conference… To learn about distribution after I got my first distribution deal.
I wanted to see if it was a good deal… It sounded like a fuck nigga deal to me…
But nobody around me had a movie deal, and I didn’t know how to play it.
When I got there, I didn’t even know where I was. I thought it was a film festival.
I had a plug that worked for Tyler Perry, and he reached out and said I should be there with THE COME-UP.
So I shot out to Cali…
When I got there
It changed my life…
It was a film called A MARKET
Like a fruit market
It was where investors went shopping for the cinema…
They spend over a BILLION dollars each year.
And n the conference, they had all the big streaming platform reps… Except for Netflix
And they were all dropping their heaviest game…
I took so many notes
Came out on a different mission.
One that I’m still on today.
I want to announce formally
My foray into FILMMAKING
Is there? 🦍
By Ashei Khan
2. Grand Theft Auto: Murder City

Now a few words from Ashel Khan.

It’s OFFICIAL ‼️ – I’m pursuing a career as a Professional Filmmaker 🦍🎥Y’all GTFO with that bullshit⚡️

About Ashei Khan

Ashei Khan – Recording Artist, Producer, Actor, and Businessman. After hitting it big with a number-one YouTube hit… He did a five-year term in federal prison…

Since his release, he’s invested over $300,000 into building his newest brand: BlackHollywood.

To go along with the streaming site, he filmed four movies last year… In the Industry, he’s become known as The Guerrilla King…

His goal is always to build bigger and better platforms for independent artists to get exposure and to give them the guidance he says he wished he had come up as an artist…

– IMDb Mini Biography By Ciara P.

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