It’s a wrap on Northbound 3!

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It’s a wrap on Northbound 3!

The NORTHBOUND cast and crew on the final day of principal photography – Dec 10, 2022
That’s a Wrap (Finally!)

When we started shooting the final chapter of the Northbound series in the summer of 2018, the plan was to wrap production in the fall of 2019 and release Season 3 in 2020. Charitably speaking, the pandemic forced us to course correct, and I knew in my gut that if we didn’t finish the series in 2022, I’d have to let the project go for good. After coming up with a six-month production plan that somehow wrangled everyone’s busy schedules, we restarted production in May this year. We doggedly kept to schedule, only delaying a few summer dates due to weather and finishing the last shoot more or less as planned in Mid-December.

We enter the New Year with a lot of editing ahead of us, but that we are here at all is a testament to the community we’ve built around this project. After five years of work, I’m astonished at how many of us stayed together as a team to see it through, especially when I remember how grueling some of those nights out in the woods were. When we got to the finish line, there were a few tears and a mix of relief, shock, and the rare understanding that one of my long-held dreams was coming true.

I’m so happy to (finally) announce that Northbound 3 will officially be hitting screens in the Spring of 2023. To anyone reading this harboring a cherished goal, I hope this inspires you to keep going. Below is a series of highlights from the last few months of production.

– Seth Anderson


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