‘The Raker House’ drops a trailer online

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“That has to be one of the weirdest films i’ve seen. I loved the hell out of it.”  Lloyd Kaufman, Troma Films

A confused and disoriented husband living in dreamlike suburbia reckons his spouse, the local mortician, is behind his mysterious memory loss.

Written and directed by John covert, and co-produced by Matt Tangeman, “The Raker House,” stars  Whitney Lavaux as Mrs. Raker,  Niko’a Salas as Mr. RakerAlex Javo as Carl, Matthew Ellsworth as Ted, Lilith Jenovax as the Tattooed Woman, and John Covert  as the Clown.   Troma Entertainment will distribute this thriller.

About John Covert
John Covert has been involved in acting and filmmaking since 2015.

He has written and directed two feature-length films, the crime-drama No Place to Rest and the surrealist-horror The Raker House, which Troma Entertainment is distributing.

He is seeking a producer for his next feature-length screenplay, Bullets in the Suburbs, a non-linear, crime-noir film.

About Co-Producer Matt Tangeman

Matthew Tangeman was Born on June 25th, 1997, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Growing up in the town of Howell, Michigan. At the age of 15, Matt grew a fascination with films and filmmaking, being inspired by filmmakers such as Stanely Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, and Quentin Tarantino.

Originally starting a YouTube channel where he would review films and eventually transitioned into making his own films. It wasn’t until 2021 that he finally got his first feature film credit, doing color grading on the indie thriller “No Place to Rest”. Marking his first collaboration with director John Covert.

Matt has worked with other talents, including Alex Javo, a reasonably prolific up-and-coming actor in the independent film scene, and has even worked on shows such as Cobra Kai.

Matt has also worked as a trailer editor, creating the theatrical trailer for the Star Wars fan film series “The Blood Crystal,” written and directed by Dark Hoffman.

In 2022, Matt received some small amounts of acclaim and even awards. He received an award for Best Short Screenplay at the New Jersey Film Awards for his short script titled “Airborne” and as a VFX artist and co-producer on the film “The Raker House.” An indie horror film marking his second collaboration with director John Covert. As well as marking the first feature film under his production company, T/V Productions.

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