Mark your calendar for the Red Carpet Premiere of Jazzie Nononsensethepoet’s ‘Regret,’ December 30, 2022

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Amenia “Jazzie Nononsensethepoet” Nelson’s movie, “Regret,” will have its Red Carpet Premiere at the Bel Air Luxury Cinema, 10100 8 Mile Rd E, Detroit, MI, Friday, December 30, 2022.

“Regret” is a movie that explores the consequences of allowing our emotions to dictate our behavior. We often take those closest to us for granted, only realizing how much we need them after something catastrophic happens, and it may already be too late.

Everyone can relate to this feeling; you have all experienced moments where tempers were high in an argument with your loved ones without being able to foresee the long-term effects or imagine not having another chance at reconciliation – yet regret remains inevitable until amends are made.

Many people go about their daily lives without a second glance in the mirror, unconcerned with altering their fate. However, no matter what pneumatic, one may seem to live’s consequences. Eventually, everyone will have to face what they have sown.

As a young woman devoted to raising her daughter and keeping her life on track, she unwittingly discovers herself in an unfortunate love triangle. Trying to provide stress relief through fun activities seemed harmless enough until the temptation of “cheating” tragically cost someone their life.

In cases where emotions overpower rationality, it is essential to take a step back before recklessly jumping into another relationship – otherwise, one may find themselves forever wallowing in deep regret over missed opportunities or misreading signs from their partner.

When it comes to complex issues, we often have difficulty understanding them. This can lead us down a path of negative thoughts and even actions. If you take the time to consider all possibilities before taking action, fewer regrets will be in your future!

When it comes to complex issues, we often have difficulty understanding them. This can lead us down a path of negative thoughts and even actions. If you take the time to consider all possibilities before taking action, fewer regrets will be in your future!

Amenia “Jazzie Nononsensethepoet” has crafted a powerful story of love, relationships, and second chances. See how these characters navigate life choices or face their deep-seated regrets on screen now!

Tia Matthews struggles as a mother to an adolescent daughter in conflict with her daughter’s father, Lucas Walker, because she has found a new lover, Dion Walker; Marquita Kennedy’s marriage faces challenges, chief among these being finances as Kenny Patton is out of work; strives to reconcile his relationship with Anthony Nixon – who betrayed him in more ways than one – before it’s too late for both men. Antonia Lee attempts her first real connection since coming out as a gay woman, but will Deon Walker make up for all she endured?

Amenia Nelson, the poet who goes by Jazzie nonsensethepoet, was born on July 6, 1973. Little did she know that her first cousin’s endeavor to produce a film would bring back memories of writing plays and poems as a child.

She has acted in multiple low-budget movies since then – including “What People Do For Love
on A Saturday” (which she also produced), “Still On My Block,” Serenity’s Love, Random” (wherein she had an executive producing role), “Snatched,” which saw her take up writing/directing/acting duties and “Regret” where too besides acting she wrote the script and directed it herself. Unfortunately, all these efforts haven’t fetched any major collaborations with more considerable talents from within the industry!

After producing three movies – “What Do People For Love on a Saturday,” Regret,” and “Snatched” – in 2021 alone, a Michigan-based director has launched their latest film release exclusively through Melanated Vision’s programming channel. Although independent filmmaker hasn’t worked with Hollywood actors yet, they are currently networking to make connections within the industry.

Since 2017, I have been irrevocably dedicated to the film world. I’ve written two feature films – “Regret” and “Snatched” – though you won’t find me on stage yet! My specialty lies in family tales steeped in religion, true-life stories, cozy comedies, and sci-fi dramas – all with a message of positivity that can touch viewers deeply.

Personal Philosophy Regarding Film: Crafting a film that resonates with audiences and conveys meaningful messages is an enriching experience. It’s not just about creating something visually stunning but also allowing people to reflect on their lives while entertained.

From Jazzie Nononsensethepoet
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