Douglas Schulze’s ‘Thorns’ dares to bridge the gap between science and religion

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Legendary horror figure Doug Bradley joins forces with Michigan-based Douglas Schulze for a thrilling new cinematic experience: “Thorns.” After two years of hard work, the long-awaited collaboration between these powerhouse talents will be hitting the screens soon.

When Father Timothy, a former priest turned NASA employee, is sent to investigate an observatory’s silence following the transmission of an enigmatic signal from out of this world, he soon finds himself up against unearthly forces. With evil creatures made of thorns arriving through ancient portals and darker intentions in hand than anticipated – can his lost faith be enough to keep our planet safe?

Schulze’s film, “Thorns,” offers a unique experience by combining elements of science and religion in an ’80s-style monster movie. Its special effects team has cooked up plenty of gory goodness for viewers. If you’ve seen Bradley’s work on the “Hellraiser” franchise, then be sure to check this out – it looks like he’ll bring some similar thrills here!

Schulze’s “Thorns” dares to bridge the gap between science and religion with an ’80s-infused horror spectacle. Fans of Bradley’s work on “Hellraiser” will be thrilled by this new masterpiece, as its special effects team has produced plenty of gruesome excitement for viewers!

After months of hard work, post-production is complete, and “Thorns” is ready to hit the spotlight. Director Schulze has high hopes as this creative venture goes off into various national and international film festivals for evaluation in 2023. If things go well, there’s a possibility of a ghoulish theatrical release around Halloween!


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