WW2 Film Reveals ‘Forgotten Story’ of German PWs in America’s Heartland

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LANSING, Mich.Nov. 30, 2022PRLogCollective Development Inc. is a Midwest production company well known for creating films with uplifting and/or inspirational storylines. They are about to release their next film, Silent Night In Algona. This Anthony Hornus, the directed film, is approaching eighty years after the actual 1944 events that inspired this motion picture.

Few are aware that during WWI and WWII, 425,000 Germans were housed in 700 camps throughout the Midwest. Most Germans are also unaware of this unique piece of history. The film focuses on the Algona, Iowa camp because of a unique ‘gift’ made by a group of prisoners and presented to the town of Algona at Christmastime. Much like those German PWs, the artists at Tribe CDI have also been working on a gift, first to the town of Algona and, after, to the world.

Our desire to gift the people of Algona a finished film by Christmas has led us to an amusing parallel story of history repeating itself. We artists at CDI, just like the German PWs, are now working diligently to finish our gift for the people of Algona.”– DJ Perry (writer/producer)

The film will begin a one-week run in Algona, Iowa, at the Fridley State 5 theatre, starting December 9th and running until Thursday, December 15th, with tickets available now online. If the turnout is strong, they hope to extend the release, expanding into various other cities. So, contact your local theatres and request the film, especially if you have a Fridley’s in your town.

Following the showing in Algona, the film will travel to Forest City, Iowa, and play at the Forest Theatre starting 12/12 until 12/14. Celebration Cinema in Michigan will run the film in Lansing and Grand Rapids from 12/16-12/22.  The film examines wartime life in a small Midwest American town. It follows the lives of the guards and prisoners from pre-Thanksgiving 1944 to Christmas. In addition to the help from hundreds in the Iowa community and several regional sponsors, the film has several national product partners such as The Hershey Company, Hormel Foods, and Smithfield Foods. The family-friendly movie will continue playing in theatres until the first half of 2023. Following that will be a few foreign screening events before the home video release of broadcast TV, DVD, and streaming, during the latter half of 2023


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