Things be getting ‘Nasty’ November 26th, 2022

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Things be getting “Nasty” at the premiere of the Dennis Reed 2 production of the same name Saturday, November 26, 2022,  at the Bel Air Luxury Cinema, 10100 East 8 Mile Road, Detroit, MI.  Red Carpet starts at7:00 PM.

“Nasty” is about young Skylar, who is left on her own after her parents get into a tragic accident. She is left to run her family businesses with her best friend.

“Nasty” is written by Chermaine Spires, directed by Breah Stevens, and produced by Sonia Renee Miller and stars Elizabeth Foxx (known for Diamond Girls) as Skylar, DeJuan Ford (known for First Lady 3, Tina and Lori (2021), and Diamond Girls (2022), Grover McCants (Chasing the Ghost (2022), Manifesting a Real King He Said, She Said) as Pastor,  Alphonso Settles (First Lady, Tale of Tails), as Rob, and Kamal Smith (“He Played Me) as Nico, among other cast members.

This is a DR2 Production and is distributed by Homestead Entertainment, Laguna Beach, California.

Tickets for the premiere of “Nasty” are available through Eventbrite.

Be certain to attend the “Nasty” After Party afterwards

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