Angel Matheson reviews. ‘Chasing the Ghost’ now on TubiTV

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A brilliantly written review by Angel Mattheson captures well this Michigan-made Oscar contender. “Chasing the Ghost” is now streaming on Tubi.

by Angel Matheson

Written by Matthew Santia and Todd Calvin De Pew, “Chasing the Ghost” is a light psychological thriller in the vein of Arthouse films. It tells the story of a drug-addicted doctor who is under a curse. Produced by Dennis Reed and Tennille T.
What I like about this story is that it’s a bit twisted but in a playful way with an element of mystery.
The writers reveal truths about drug addiction in a subtle way to enlighten the viewer about the painful struggle while also not traumatizing the viewer, which I appreciate as I have a difficult time letting go of the emotions from movie viewing.

There are so many wonderful characters in this movie. Dan Pesta is very effective as the doctor who suffers with staying sober and fighting the curse; Alphonso Settles, Kayden Bryce, Calhoun Koenig, and Grover McCants are all seasoned actors who bring character to every role they play no matter how big or small. Solo Lucci was ominous and compelling and owned the screen as the mysterious Dion. Antonio Lewis is new to acting, but you’d never know it. He is charismatic and a natural. Tennille Barta Taraszkiewicz gave my favorite performance as a wacky administrator at the rehab facility. Tennille was so much fun to watch. I’d love to see this character again. The acting overall was very good, even in the smaller roles. Everyone delivered a developed character which is very rare.

Matt Santia keeps honing his directorial skills. He has an artistic flare and tells a story in a way that makes you think and keeps you engaged. Director of photography Peter Poulos told a beautiful story with his visually beautiful and dark images. It’s a great DP who can tell the story even if there were no dialogue. Peter did this masterfully.

This is my kind of movie. It’s artsy, it’s visually beautiful, and has fun characters. Well done! “Chasing the Ghost” is now streaming on Tubi.


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