Catch ‘Pulling the Goalie’ Encore Screening, 11/16/22 in Ann Arbor

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An Encore Screening of “Pulling the Goalie: Infertility On Ice” is scheduled for Wednesday, 11/16/22 at the State Theater, Ann Arbor.  The State Theater is located at  233 S. State St., Ann Arbor.  This encore includes a pre-film introduction and post-film closing statements with a Q&A.

The winner of 10+ Short Film Festival Awards, including Award of Excellence (Special Jury Mention), Platinum Awards:   Best Drama Short, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Editing, Best Sound Design Gold Awards: Best Production Design and Silver Awards:  Best First Time Director (Male), Best Original Story, “Pulling the Goalie: Infertility On Ice” is a dramatic comedy about a beer league hockey player’s struggle with infertility. The film aims to “Expand access to infertility care by personalizing the experience to a general audience.

Not only is “Pulling the Goalie” a bittersweet movie that is both highly entertaining and moving, but it also enters the underpopulated niche of works explicitly dealing with the multiple issues faced by couples dealing with male infertility.  Avsharian brings a lighthearted touch to a challenging health concern that exposes these issues with honest yet hopeful communication.

“Pulling the Goalie” was filmed 100% in Ann Arbor. Written and Directed by Ann Arbor Townie and 1988 Pioneer High School Grad Hiag Avsharian, “Pulling the Goalie” was released on May 1, 2022, and produced by Charity Island Pictures, it stars as the male lead Jack Barron as the female lead Jamie Barron, and as Chet Camiener, among others.

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“I hope his film will become recommended for future couples with such matters, sports enthusiasts or not.” Dr. John Randolph, Jr., M.D.

Writer/Director Statement

“I have been writing this screenplay on and off again after the birth of our first child Megan (with the help of infertility treatments) in 2009. As emotionally difficult as our infertility journey was at times, I became aware of how much more difficult the journey had been for others (e.g., multiple miscarriages).  I also learned that infertility is relatively common and on the increase as couples wait until later in life to get pregnant, while at the same time, nearly all pop culture gives us the sense that it is easy to get pregnant.  Furthermore, stories are almost always about men resisting their wives’/girlfriend desire to start a family, which works for drama and comedy but greatly misrepresents men, especially men going through infertility. Lastly, and importantly, infertility treatments are expensive, and insurance coverage varies widely based on where you happen to live. Thankfully we could afford the level of treatment we needed, but I thought it would be a social injustice if a couple couldn’t have a child because they couldn’t afford treatments. All in all, I felt like this was a story I needed to try at least and tell once it had rooted itself in my head.” Hiag Avsharian

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