Trailer for the psychological thriller “Vronika” drops today, catch it online

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The trailer for the psychological thriller “Vronika” drops today on youtube.

Wolverine Films, in association with GRLA, presents “Vronika.” Written, produced, and director by Geert Heetebrij, starring Inbar Lavi (“Lucifer,” “Imposters”), Jack Kesy (“Claws,” “Deadpool 2”), and Usman Ally (“Veep,” “God’s Favorite Idiot”).  “Vronika”  was filmed in Michigan.
With the tagline, “The mind is a powerful thing.”  “Vronika” centers on strong-willed Roni (Lavi) and her ambitious husband Stephen (Kesy), a stay-at-home day trader who seeks to improve his trading successes. Under the influence of Michael (Ally), Stephen uses visualization techniques to picture an imaginary collaborator.

Stephen’s mental tool manifests as Vronika (also played by Lavi), a younger version of his wife,  talks to him and hands him winning trades. But as Stephen’s unconventional technique creates a wedge in his marriage, does his imagined muse have a mind of her own?

“Vronika” is a psychological thriller written and directed by Dutch director Geert Heetebrij. This is his feature directorial debut. Before “Vronika,” Heetebrij wrote and produced the Sundance feature “A Foreign Affair” (aka “Two Brothers and A Bride”), which got “Two Thumbs Up!” from Ebert and Roeper and was distributed worldwide.

“Vronika” is produced by Eric Machiela, Ross Vande Waa, Zach Runge, and Geert Heetebrij, with Brittani Ward and Suzanne Heetebrij co-producing, and with Sidney J. Jansma Jr. and Kelly James Clark executive producing.

The film was shot in Michigan with the director of photography Tyler Grimm, assistant director Jackson Ezinga, production designer Erika Rene Pineiro, film editor Lieuwe Ramaker, composer Drew Denton, costume designer Casey Granada, and casting by Brittani Ward.

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