Director Mark Hunter’s ‘Manifesting A Real King (MARK)’ is now on TubiTV

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Writer/director/producer Mark Hunter’s”Manifesting A Real King (MARK)” is now on TubiTV.
When ex-drug dealer Mark leaves the streets after some unfortunate events, and finds refuge in the church, he’s torn between faith and his old life.

Written and directed by Mark Hunter with the tagline, “One man’s tragedy is another man’s triumph, “Manifesting a Real King (Mark)” stars Demaris Harvey as MarkShelby Bradley as Bernadette,  Kellen Lee as Keke, Regie Cashaw as Ronnie, Daniel Jeffries as Uncle Beans, Shawn Jones as drug fiend in Lincoln, Daniel Fernando Acosta as a crack addict, Rana Sobh as Law Clerk Susan, Grover McCants as Joker, Jimmy Doom as 80s Police Officer #1, and Tubio Brethart as Officer #2, among a cast of others. With cinematography by Jackson Swan and Darren Brown,  “Manifesting a Real King” is produced by Remarkable Productions.

About Mark Hunter
Remarkable Productions, Hunter’s production company, was formed in 2008. His debut stage play, “Eyes of Deception,” opened to sold-out audiences in June 2012. His sophomore production, “Man Up, “debuted in November 2013. In 2014, he co-wrote the stage play “Stays in Your Place.” In 2015 he released “Woman Misled.” And lastly, in 2016. he completed his sophomore manuscript, “Daddy’s Despair.”

These aren’t ordinary stage plays. Hunter takes real-life issues that plague men of all ages. Even though many told him he took risks in Man Up, he’s clear about his purpose: to educate, empower and uplift men worldwide. He doesn’t just write plays; he creates production masterpieces.

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