No Trick, Only Treat, As ‘Silent Night in Algona’ Releases Theatrical Trailer

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LANSING, Mich.Oct. 31, 2022PRLog — Collective Development Inc. (CDI) is hard at work finishing their latest film, Silent Night in Algona. The Anthony Hornus (Man’s Best Friend) directed film showcases actual events in a German PW camp in Algona, Iowa, in 1944.

From a script by DJ Perry, the film follows the perspectives of the German PWs, the US guards, and the townsfolk, with a particular focus on the Tietz family. The film was shot in Iowa last November and will premiere first in Algona, Iowa, at the Fridley Theatre on Dec 9th, 2022.

Following the cast and crew premiere, the film will play for at least two weeks daily for the public. Some companies are already talking about purchasing blocks of tickets so their employees can enjoy this rich piece of history.

The film will have a premiere in Owosso, Michigan, the home state of CDI, and the film’s director – date TBD.

The film is currently negotiating to play several theatre chains around the country, plus a few event showings going into 2023.

The film will release in the second half of 2023 to home video, streaming, broadcast, and DVD. As of noon today, audiences can enjoy the release of the official theatrical trailer!


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