DR2 Productions’ of ‘Chasing the Ghost’ premieres Thursday, October 20

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In time for Halloween, Dennis Reed II Productions, in association with Tennille T Productions’  “Chasing the Ghost,” premieres Thursday, October 20, at the MJR Westland Grand Cinema 16, 6800 North Wayne Road, Westland, MI.  The Red Carpet starts at 6:30 PM,  the show will start at 7:30 PM.

If I can’t have You) and   (If I can’t have You), , “Chasing the Ghost” stars (First Lady I, II, and III, and Dymez), Dan Pesta (Beyond the Mask, Dinner in America, Crow), Brian Heinz (Wolf Hound, Aaron Hernandez: An ID Murder Mystery)Calhoun Koenig (United Colors of Bennett Song, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Ash and Bone), Kayden Bryce (Just Another Dream, An Intrusion), and Grover McCants (The Yousers, Be Somebody, Solomon), among others.

“Chasing the Ghost” is about an anesthesiologist who must escape the curse of addiction. An attempt at reducing the stigma of addiction was made in this movie by exploring the subject supernaturally.

Here is the official trailer for “Chasing the Ghost.”

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