A step-by-step guide to posting the articles I create for you on IMDb

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For the last eight years, I have written articles for this community, which have created a lot of attention for you, both as individual artists and the industry as a whole.  I have had one request.  Please post the articles that I have done on you on IMDb.  I know this can be done.

You see, I, too, am on IMDb.  In fact, I have an IMDb Pro account.  I don’t do this to promote myself, as I do it to draw information from each personal account on you and everyone else for whom I write my articles. By posting links to these articles, others can read about you or the productions in which you appear.

You will normally find a link to these articles on your free account,  if articles have been done on you, at the top of the page,  under your profile photo and your actor’s reel.  On a movie page, this will appear in a column to the far right of the page and will appear linked as User Reviews or as External Reviews.

Or from the Free Page on the same line as IMDb Pro, See production, box office & company info appears. Clicking on this link will take you to the IMDb Pro page for that film.  If any articles or reviews have been done on that film,  these links will appear under News.

This is really a small price to ask for the publicity I have given you.

So, how do you create links to the articles on you?

IMDb wants to be the biggest movie, video, and TV database on the web. There is no better time to link to the articles I have created for you than now.

What you do is this:

(If you have a FREE! account) Open your personal IMDb (assuming you have created a mini-bio) and click on the link where it reads See Full Bio.

When this page opens, go to the bottom, and you will find Contribute to this Page. Click on the box which reads Edit Page If you have questions, to the right of this are two more links. They will open written pages to answer any questions you may have. They appear as Getting Started | Contributor Zone.

This opens to a page that reads Biographical Information click on the small box that reads To update data for categories that aren’t listed above, select this box. Select this box. Then Continue.

Scroll to the bottom of this opening page. There toward the bottom, you will find at the bottom of Biographical Information.

(this page looks like this https://contribute.imdb.com/updates/edit)
Press Interviews
Articles in the Media
Magazine Pictorials
Magazine Cover Photo
Beneath that
Links to Other Sites
Official Sites
Image / Photos
Sound Clips
Video Clips

To the right of each of these, you will find drop-down menus. Whether you are uploading one, or more than one up to 5, you will click on the number.

You will find it on the Michigan Movie Weekender if I have written about you. On the right side of the page in the right-hand column under Archives, you will find a search box. Enter your name and hit the magnifying glass. This will (if I have written about you) will give you a page with the articles I have written on you.

And there you have it.

Upload each article I create for you as I create them. These are your articles. I do not copyright them. You may do what you want with them, display them wherever you want, and share them with everyone.

If you don’t have a Bio on your page (and I have found a surprising number of people haven’t), PM me. I have created a list of questions for everyone in our industry.

Remember: IMDb is owned by the man who would own the world. Help Mr. Bezos out. And tell the world about yourself.

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