Actor Johnathan C. Williams lands his first lead role in a film portraying a man imprisoned for eighteen years for a murder he did not commit

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On September 27, 2002, in a field near the Parkside Apartments in Inkster, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, the dead body of Michael Martin was found. He had been kicked, punched, and hit with a pipe before he was shot just before midnight on September 26.

A neighbor lady called the police and reported finding the body. The police took her in for questioning.  Initially, she gave a conflicting account of what she knew.  When she was threatened with being detained until she would come clean and tell the truth about what she had seen and that her children might be sent to social services if she didn’t make it home that night, she implicated George Clark and Kevin Harrington, accusing them of this brutal killing.

Because of bogus charges and poor public defense, Clark and Harrington were arrested and imprisoned for first-degree murder.  George Clark was imprisoned for a murder he did not commit.  He served a sentence totaling eighteen years. For the term of his incarceration,  he was the victim of a broken prison system. Crooked I is George Clark’s story.

Written by Dana Lee in cooperation with  George Clark drawing from almost twenty years of first-hand experience, The Crooked I reflects Dana’s professional, timely, detail-oriented, but accommodating style of operation and presentations. With a hands-on dedication earned her a stellar reputation in the metro Detroit entertainment community, she has crafted a story for the screen which must be told.

Dana is also an actress.  As an actress, since 1990, she has appeared in various plays in the Chicago area, such as Child Support (2019), Fame (2009), and The Color Purple, and the independent films in the metro Detroit area. .  In the Crooked I, Dana serves as the Assistant Director, Supervising Casting Director, Wardrobe, Editor (edited by), Producer, and Executive In Charge Of Production.

To help tell this story, the directorial skills of John Dawson were called on.  Dawson is known for directing A Clear View: the Mark Barmore Story (2015), another movie based on true events, an emotional heart-stopping film straight from the national headlines.

The Crooked I has a stellar cast and features. Dale Dobson is known for Out for Vengeance (2022), Killer Keg, and Blame (2021). Jim Kirsch, known for It’s a Life Worth Living (2020), An Intrusion (2021), Miss Rainbow Magic: A Beginning (2022) as George’s Attorney, Camaryn Kimball, known for Papers XIII (2019), Dear Future Husband (2019), Meeting Boone (2022), as the prosecutor,  among others.

But the lead role of George Clark belongs to Johnathan C. Williams. This is his first lead film role.

Johnathan C. Williams has performed with many theater companies and various musicians, singers, actors, and actresses. A gifted actor, his talents can be seen in theatrical productions such as Judgement Day! Are You Ready?, Murder at the Carver High 20-Year Class Reunion, and Listen to the Silence.

On television, he has appeared in Comedy Central’s Detroiters (2018). In films, he can be seen in Blk Grl Sonnet (2017), The Papers Film Series (2019), That Trafficker (2019), and The Forever Choice (2019), to name a few. He is presently working on several projects produced for film, television, and/or stage.

The Crooked I is a Queen Sting Films production.

The Crooked I premieres September 18, 2022.

Movie Premiere 🎥🎬
Sun, September 18, 2022
4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Cinema Detroit
4126 3rd Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201
Regarding the arrest and conviction of George Clark:
In 2003 George Clark was arrested and convicted of murder and spent eighteen (18) years of his life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.  Clark, now 50, maintained his innocence in the 2002 killing despite being convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The Crooked I focuses on the arrest, conviction, and emotional struggle of George Clark, as he kept faith and foresight into one day being exonerated.  It will feature the title song “Wilderness” from Detroit Black Music Award-winning artist Supaemcee and will premiere :

Quote from George: “I always just held on because I knew one day the truth would prevail,” Clark said.  While incarcerated, Clark maintained his innocence, which was supported by his unwavering faith in a higher power.  Clark has said, “I have the best lawyer money can’t buy,…. and that is God!”

For the entire story on George Clark and his arrest and conviction, and the time he spent in prison:

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