‘For The Love Of Catch’ Announces Premiere Date

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LANSING, Mich.Sept. 8, 2022PRLog — Gold Medal Olympian Dan Gable and MMA Champion Randy Couture lead an elite and diverse group of grappling greats in discussing the rich history of catch-can wrestling. The Red, White & Blue Project Inc., in association with Collective Development Inc., produced this electrifying feature-length documentary film.  Directed and hosted by former Catch-Can World Champion Curran Jacobs.   Historian Mike Chapman helps explore the rich origins of the Catch-Can style so that it will not be lost to the next generation. Multiple arts such as the popular Brazilian Ju-jitsu, professional wrestling, military hand-to-hand, and various mixed martial arts will all be shown to share a common history.

The film’s goal, which releases worldwide via streaming on 10/04/2022 with Deskpop Entertainment is to reconnect the dots showcasing the full history of the art. Before the home video release, the film will premiere in director Curran Jacobs’s hometown of Owosso, Michigan, at the NCG theater on October 1st, 2022, with shows at 6 pm and 8 pm. Pictures, Q&A, and a planned afterglow will follow the screenings.

This documentary film looks to stand the test of time as the definitive history of the sport. It might also serve as the ultimate inspirational coaching tool. This film will surely become mandatory watching for any student of the martial arts.

In a world full of division, this film will show that practitioners of the grappling arts in all their beauty and brutality, are all part of one big family.
– DJ Perry (Supervising Producer)

The film will serve the needs of the Red, White & Blue Project Inc. mission which provides assistance to veterans. The sales from the video will also be used to provide funds to various wrestling clubs and programs from around the world.

An event page will be going up on Facebook this week for those wishing to attend the premiere event. Tickets will be available soon from NCG Owosso. Also today, which is director Curran Jacobs birthday, the official home video poster will be released.

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