Joe Smith’s ‘Diamond Girls’ premieres Friday, September 2

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It’s finally here! The highly anticipated film adaptation of the stage play “Diamond Girls”. Written and produced by Joe Smith, “Diamond Girls” is a look inside street life, not from the perspective of the men who populate this urban scene, but from the perspective of the women who love them.

Brandi is a single mom, successful entrepreneur, and widow of a kingpin named “Hollywood“. But Brandi is worried about her girlfriends Portia, Keisha, and Stacey, who are dating Hollywood’s former lieutenants. Little do they know that a perfect storm is brewing for their drug organization.  Both the Feds and a street war  threaten to take them down, and anybody connected to them. It’s a race against time as Brandi tries to convince her girlfriends to change their ways and abandon ship before the storm hits.

Representing for the old school gangsters…it’s Roosevelt Johnson as Poncho, Stacy’s father. A kingpin from the 80s and 90s who just got home from a 30 yr bid. Poncho wants his daughter to make different choices than he did. Will she listen? Find out Friday @ the Diamond Girls movie premier.

Zo Kelly as Mike “aka” Money. One of the leaders of The Brotherhood. Mike is the type of street dude you love to hate. Narcissistic. Arrogant. Cold hearted. But it’s something about that money that Portia…and every other woman can’t resist.

Angeleah Speights as Stacy. Stacy has 2 sides. Her cool side and her gangster side. She’s a street dude’s dream…the ride or die type. But she’s loyal to the streets to a fault.

Kaamel Hasaun playing Hollywood…the boss of all bosses of The Brotherhood. Hollywood is chilling at home with his new bride Brandi @domb82 and their unborn son. It’s the calm before the storm. Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Caption this. What does it look like she’s thinking. Hint: I’m sure plenty of y’all have looked at your man with this face before NuNu Thurman as Portia.

Brandi has been through a lot dealing with guys in the street. But she’s over it and is done with that life. But that life may not be done with her!

Dre is a true gangster’s gangster. He a little dusty right now cause he just got out the joint. But he’s ready to retake his spot at the top…by any means necessary.

Elizabeth Foxx playing the role of Regina in @diamondgirlsmovie. Only thing more internally dangerous to a gangster than a snitch, is a deceitful woman. Come see how she gets down.

A word from the director, Joe Smith.

Joe Smith’s “Diamond Girls” will premiere at the elegant Andiamo Celebrity Showroom, 7096 14 Mile Road Warren, MI, September 2. at 7:00 PM.  Enjoy food and drinks and meet the cast and crew of this movie then. But please reserve tickets in advance.

General tickets $35-VIP tickets $50 areavailable at
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