Mark A. France’s ‘Descend,’ to screen at I See You Awards, August 18

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“DESCEND” Review
by Angel Matheson of Matheson Productions

Written, produced, and directed by Mark A. France, Stating Heather Fairbanks, Troy Randall-Kilpatrick, and Walker Fairbanks, Descend is a drama thriller about a mother/wife suffering from mental illness.

This is not a story that tells itself. It is not a paint by numbers, as my son would say. It’s original, and you don’t know where it’s going or how it will end. There is no”I saw that coming.” You don’t see anything coming. In fact, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not real. Your mind asks, “what’s actually happening here.”

It’s a fun ride made that much better by Heather’s incredible acting skills, making you feel her trauma down to the bone. Watching her wash her hands is an emotional journey, and Troy, whose acting skills are natural and real, showcases the emotional pain of a husband watching his wife suffer. They are a dynamic duo on screen. Walker, too shows true talent. I hope to see more of him in the coming years. The supporting cast was also excellent, including Terri Partyka, John Tynan Jr., and Debra LeVassuer, with well-developed and compelling characters.

Mark is a gifted director who understands the nuances of storytelling. There are quiet undertones in his visuals that tell the story when nothing is being said. The actors are not over-directed or under-directed; that is a gift to the viewer. The scenery and set design were simple and beautiful, showing the magnificent beauty of Michigan in many scenes.

This is a wonderful film about the emotional journey of trauma and how a family copes and survives. It’s about the human psyche and love and how or if we can overcome it.
You can catch this at the “I see You Awards” on August 18th.


So grateful for an opportunity to screen Descend at the Emagine Theatres in Royal Oak on August 18th as part of the I See You Awards. Thanks to the festival for nominating our cast of ‘Descend’ for so many acting awards! Especially thrilled about our team being nominated for Best Cast. Congrats to Walker Fairbanks, Terri Partyka, Sue Kernish, and Heather Fairbanks 😉 for our acting nominations and our entire cast, including Troy Randall-Kilpatrick, Debra Mil, and the late John Tynan Jr., and Connie Kincer, for our Best Cast nomination. It takes a village! Written and directed by Mark A. France and executive produced by Mark France, Tricia Morrissey France, Troy Randall-Kilpatrick, and I. I’m excited to see the other films on August 18th, and my heartfelt congratulations to all the nominees! We all pour our hearts and souls into all we create.

Looks like the next opportunity to see the feature film Descend is August 18th at 6:20 pm (film starting time) at Emagine Theatres in Royal Oak, MI. We’re nominated for several awards and can use your votes. We are so honored to be recognized by a host of exceptional actors and filmmakers from the other nominated films.

The categories for which Descend has either been nominated or awarded include:
Best Cast
Best Lead Actress Heather Fairbanks
Best Supporting Actor Walker Fairbanks
Best Emerging Actor Walker Fairbanks
Best Supporting Actress Terri Partyka
Best Supporting Actress Sue Kernish
Thank you so much I See You Awards!

We look forward to joining you all on the Blue Carpet!

From the Descend soundtrack,  Troy Randal-Kilpatrick performs.

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