Flint based horror film ‘Half Dead Fred’ premieres at the Capital Theater, Flint, tomorrow, August 7

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Years ago, Fred Nash was the victim of a fatal car accident that left not only Fred but his 9-year-old son dead. A few seconds after his death, he came back to life in the hospital. Since this traumatic accident, he has acquired the ability to see the dead.  These abilities help set Nash apart from other Los Angeles police force members.

In a murder case a country away, Fred is called on to lend his assistance.  The property caretaker at the abandoned Dalton estate in Flint, Michigan, has been killed.   Not long after Nash arrives at the estate, it becomes clear that something very sinister and supernatural has occurred in the old house, and Freddy’s investigation takes some very unexpected twists and turns.

Written and directed by Bron Theron and Joe Schipani, who had written the book Haunted Flint, “Half Dead Fred” stars  Hollywood veteran Corin Nemec (“Stargate SG-1,” “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”) will star as Freddy Nash with Jordan Cristopher Michael (“Full House,” “Saved by the Bell”) as Yamasaki. Scream queen and horror movie veteran Elissa Dowling (“House on the Hill,” “Starry Eyes”) will play a role.

The cast also has local ties with Joe Schipani, Seth Hart, and Michael E. Kelly making their big-screen debuts while a host of others play the roles of ghosts or extras. Schipani and Flint native Jessica Revoldt are listed as producers.

Filming took place in late September 2021 in Flint. The production hired a local lighting crew run by Cory James Taylor. The casting sessions held in Flint, Michigan, found many cast from Flint and some from Detroit. Makeup, wardrobe, set dressing, and props are all flint local hires. Described as a Flint horror story through and through, “Half-Dead Fred” is due to release in 2022.

Said director Bron Theron, “Hello, Everyone! I want to extend an invitation to the World Premiere of the feature film Half Dead Fred! It is playing at 7 PM on Sunday, August 7th, at the Capitol Theater in Down Town Flint, Michigan. You can get tickets directly through the theater.”

Or order online at https://tickets.thewhiting.com/9729/9731

The Capitol Theatre, Flint
140 E 2nd St, Flint, MI 48502
(810) 237-7333
Movie start time: 7:00 PM

Hope to see you there!

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