Bizarre drops latest music video, ‘Smith and Wesson’ off of their album ‘He Got a Gun’

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The music group Bizarre, a gang of Michigan’s most lyrical MC’s –Dango Forlaine, Ty Farris, Seven The General – have just dropped their latest music video, “Smith and Wesson.”  Off of Bizarre’s new album “He Got A Gun,” this was produced by “FoulMouth.”

Here are the full lyrics for “Smith and Wesson.”  You are invited to sing along.

the pressure all I’m a pipe buster
step on your white
fists flying to your face, followed by
some Jordan kicks you jealous as pimping
I’m pimping my dick is in your shorty
turn your life into a horror flick on some
gory [ __ ] Russian ties like the 45th who
need extortion tips with no hesitation
my right arm is elevating a gun in your
face it’s a PowerPoint presentation
you’re the type of [ __ ] waking up
watching world star
I’m the type to leave a used condom in
your girl’s car lifts the 40 like 220s on
the curl bar. haul them nice when I write
you know I burn bars a businessman
prefer payments over violence don’t play
with my kindness that’s the makers of a
tyrant [ __ ] forced rapper one of the

favors to the finest

fence don’t step in it never forever my
[ __ ] be rapping, i’m still in the
trenches forty on me with that dirty I’m
dirty this [ __ ] is extended
the clippers
yeah, my lights are suspended [ __ ] i’m
offended by [ __ ] they jumping and
dumping like they on suspension


Bizarre He Got A Gun

by Foul Mouth

Detroit legend Bizarre of the infamous D12 is known for his crazy lyrics, wild sense of humor, and trademark flow. Bizarre has teamed up with Detroit producer Foul Mouth to create a new album, “He Got A Gun”.

The First time Bizarre went into Foul Mouth’s filthy basement to listen to beats, the surroundings of the studio and the crazy sound banging out of the speakers rejuvenated Bizarre in a way that took him back to his roots when he first started. After 20 years on top in the industry, Bizarre had lost the love for hip hop.

On the new ” He Got A Gun” Album, Biz comes heavy with the wit, the crazy, but most importantly, the creativity and passion that made him so beloved.

With Foul Mouth’s grimy Detroit sound, you hear Bizarre taking it back to the underground with the vintage bars and crazy punch lines.

Special guest appearances by Kool Keith, Ty Farris, Guilty Simpson, Dango Forlaine, Seven the general, Nems, Young Zee, and more.

This is the masterpiece we’ve all wanted from Bizarre, the album”He Got A Gun” dropped June 3rd, 2022, on all platforms.

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