Watch Justin Mane’s ‘Crow’ in its entirety now on Youtube

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See Justin Mane’s feature-length fan film ‘Crow’ on Youtube starting today, July 18, 2022.

After three long years,  Justin Mane’s ‘Crow’ has been released. On Thursday, July 14, it premiered at the BelAir Luxury Cinema on east 8 Mile in Detroit and played to a large enough audience to merit an upgrade in theater size.

The movie would start at 8:00 PM.

As the theater opened at 7:00 PM,  there was almost an hour of pre-show meet and greet. The movie’s cast and crew gathered in front of the step-and-repeat, the publicity backdrop,  a standard fixture at Red Carpet movie premieres, to have photos taken. This banner was a giant vinyl reproduction of the movie’s poster in the background.

After approximately an hour of back-slapping and congratulatory camaraderie,  the crowd entered the auditorium. While the crowd that gathered in the theater’s main hall numbered maybe 50 people entering the auditorium, it became apparent that there were more present for the movie.

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Based loosely on the James O’Barre character, as much as it can be said that there are parallels that can be drawn between O’ Barre’s character, Brandon Lee’s last movie, and this creation, this movie cannot be called a remake or a reboot. It is a fan film made by impassioned independent filmmakers,- fans of the original franchise, not some big Hollywood studio. This is a wholly original story, with wholly original characters. There is no Eric Dravon in this movie. This movie can best be described as an inspired labor of love.

Dustin Mane first envisioned this film after seeing it at the age of twelve. He knew then that he wanted to make a Crow movie. Whether he would produce, direct or star in the film,  he did not know.   Then three years ago, he met Melinda Doan Bryce. He had created the story. She offered to screenwrite the movie; from this roughly formed outline, the movie was born.

When the auditorium opened,  and the crowd moved from the main hall it became apparent that the people on the floor were not the only ones waiting to see this film.  Inside this cavernous auditorium were people seated waiting for the movie.  From 50 people for this movie, attendance swelled to 300+ once inside the aucitorium.

What did this audience witness on the big screen?

Here is the movie “Crow” in its entirety.



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