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Hello. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Shiek Mahmud-Bey, an accomplished stage, film, and television actor.

I am also a successful director, producer, and acting coach and have, for more than 30 years, enjoyed working in this industry where lives have changed because someone not only dreamed but had the courage to chase down those dreams and received assistance from professionals like me.
I have had the pleasure of working with some of the industry’s greatest, including legendary filmmakers Sidney Lumet, Barbet Schroeder, Joel Schumacher, and Brian De’Palmer just to name a few.
I’ve also performed in lead roles opposite some of the industry’s best, including Oscar winners and nominees Robert Deniro, Marcia Gay Harden, Nicolas Cage, Joaquin Phoenix, Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Ving Rhames, etc, been a series regular on NBC’s drama “Profiler,” and guest-starred in numerous television shows.
I’m an instructor for the New York Film Academy master’s program where I teach Filmmaking, Directing Actors, and Producing. My work also extends to BAFTA ( British Academy of Film and Television Arts) where I’ve earned acclaim for teaching filmmaking and acting to young adults.
Additionally, I am the lead instructor of Shiek Studios Acting Workshop used to train actors for that A-LIST acting career. The objective is to not only work consistently but to master your craft and do great work. 90 percent of Shiek Studios actors are working. You’ll see them starring in the lead and supporting roles in movies and web series. Co-starring, guest-starring, recurring roles in tv shows such as FBI, the Game, Law and Order, Blue Bloods, Chicago med, Sex Lives, college Girls and BMF, and a whole lot more. Not only are they working, but they also stand out.
Shiek Studios will be hosting a free introductory online workshop July 15th at 7-pm. If you’re auditioning and not booking, If you want to deepen your work, If you are not getting callbacks and/ or are getting callbacks and not the job, If you are ready to LEVEL UP, then email info@shiekstudios and let’s get to work.
We work, We Win!!
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“One way to kill an Opportunity is to avoid taking it.”

Actor, producer Shiek Mahmud-Bey is helping others to break down barriers in Hollywood. (25th Frame Films)

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