Sydney Van Leeuwen is the perfect First Assistant Director according to Delores Flynn

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by Delores Flynn

Every time I’ve called “action” on set Sydney Van Leeuwen has been my right hand – always by my side as my First Assistant Director.

So naturally when it came time to start planning for “Why Me!?” she was one of my first calls.

We met in film school and have learned and grown a lot together in the filmmaking process. Our shorthand, singing cues, and postmortem project discussions are things I’ve taken comfort in.

Her level of organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to manage a crew in order to run an efficient set – sometimes under stressful situations – have me beyond grateful to her.

Van Leeuwen is currently a full-time production coordinator for a production company in Cleveland, Ohio (Impact Communications). Prior to this role, she spent time freelancing in the Michigan film industry and has credits on several short films, commercials, and web series as Associate Producer, Production Coordinator/Project Manager, Assistant Director, Script Supervisor, and Key Production Assistant.

By her own admission, the most rewarding part of what she does is seeing the finished product and knowing that she played a part in making sure the production ran as smoothly as possible. She graduated from the Motion Picture Institute and attributes any of her successes to the guidance of her instructors and peers there.
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