Short film brings together Michigan crews and Los Angeles talent for dark comedy short film in Royal Oak, MI

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A dark comedy short film is coming to life in Michigan next month. Where the Dog is Buried
brings together a Michigan crew with Los Angeles talent to tell a story about the pressure to
maintain external appearances and the oddities of suburban living. After a young husband
accidentally runs over a dog in the driveway, he and his wife argue over how to hide it from their
violent neighbor and whether they’re fit to raise a family.

The film is written and directed by Santiago Bukovsky, a Southeast Michigan filmmaker, and
stars Elizabeth McLaughlin, (Amazon’s Hand of God) and Jordan Fry (2005’s Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory) as a young couple. Santiago and producers Marsissa Clement and Brandon
Brefka have also assembled a talented team of Michigan filmmakers to bring this story to life.

More information about the film can be found on the crowdfunding page for Where the Dog is
Buried at

To connect with Santiago Bukovksy on Instagram
Santiago Bukovsky’s website
Where the Dog is Buried Film Facebook

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