(Exclusive) Walker-Bryce Creative LLC releases “I Don’t Care If You Like Me, I Like Me: Bernie Mac’s Daily Motivational,” a tribute to the late Bernie Mac

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Born on Chicago’s south side, Bernard Jeffrey McCullough (October 5, 1957),  better known as Bernie Mac, was an actor and stand-up comedian. Influenced by comedians Red Foxx and Richard Pryor, he got his start appearing at Chicago’s Cotton Club.  His popularity began to grow when he won the Miller Lite Comedy Search at 32 years of age.   His popularity continued growing  until he joined fellow Black comedians Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, and D. L. Hughley in the film “The Original Kings of Comedy.”

Briefly hosting the comedy show Midnight Mac, he appeared in several minor film roles.   His most noted roles included Frank Catton in the 2001 remake of Ocean’s Eleven and as the title character of Mr. 3000, a 2004 sports comedy directed by Charles Stone III in which he played the part of a retired Major League Baseball player who comes out of retirement to attain a goal of 3000 hits.

As the star of the American sitcom series the Bernie Mac Show,  he earned two Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.  This series ran from 2001 to 2006.

In the summer of 2004, when Mac was filming both Ocean’s Twelve and Guess Who while also promoting Mr. 3000,  set to film the remainder of Season 4 of The Bernie Mac Show in October of that year, he contracted pneumonia in both lungs and suffering from exhaustion, Fox halted production for four weeks so Mac could recover.

On August 1, 2008, Mac was admitted to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in his hometown of Chicago. Suffering from sarcoidosis, a disease of unknown origin that causes inflammation in the tissue, after a week of unsuccessful medical treatment, Mac went into cardiac arrest. He died during the early morning hours on August 9, from complications of pneumonia at the age of 50.

Recently, after 13 years, the Walker-Bryce Creative LLC with the help of Mac’s widow Rhonda McCullough released the book “I Don’t Care If You Like Me, I Like Me: Bernie Mac’s Daily Motivational,” a daily motivational book in the voice of the late Bernie Mac. It’s a humorous but poignant page-a-day prescription for a better life and career.

This book has a foreword by Sinbad, an afterword by Lil Rel Howery, and early endorsements from Sherri Shepherd (“It’s the perfect combination of comedy and truth, just like you’d expect from Bernie Mac.”) and other celebrity endorsements from Kym Whitley, Courtney B. Vance, and Damon Williams, and a funny but poignant audiobook voiced by celebrity impersonator and comedian Reggie Reg!

MMW.News. How is the promotion of the book going?

Melinda Doan Bryce  Melinda, I think it’s going well! We have celebrity impersonator Reggie Reg as the voice of Bernie in the audiobook, and he’s phenomenal. He’s had news anchors cracking up live on air.
Denise Jordan WalkerDenise, And we just had legendary comedian Sinbad do a special Instagram post regarding the book. Sherri Shepard will also be doing the same.
Melinda Doan Bryce  Melinda, Yes! Sinbad is incredible. His fans were so excited to see him post, and a lot of his fans were Bernie’s fans, too. Both true comedy legends and really good men.
Denise Jordan Walker Denise, That literally was our target audience!
MMW.News, This sounds cool! Are these broadcasters heard largely in the Chicago area? Or, if they can be found on the internet, do you have a URL for them?

Melinda Doan Bryce
MelindaNew book shares wisdom, and advice from late Chicagoan and comedian Bernie Mac.I’m sending links!
New book shares wisdom from the late comedian Bernie Mac
Denise FOX TV News Affiliates in Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and WGN TV Chicago have done TV media thus far. We have CBS affiliates lined up. We’ve also done
Melinda Doan Bryce  Melinda,  But, keep going, Denise!  This is how we work together, lol.  New Bernie Mac book shares daily wisdom from the late Chicago comedian

Denise Jordan WalkerDenise, Radio in several markets including Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Mississippi, and New York. and more.

Denise Jordan WalkerDenise, Looking to secure national network coverage at any moment.


MMW.News,  Anything in the Motor City?

Melinda Doan Bryce  MelindaWe had some talks with Fox 2 but we are still waiting to hear back as far as scheduling something.

Denise Jordan Walker Denise, Yes! You will be breaking the story in Motor City

MMW.News,  Wow, I feel privileged.

Denise Jordan Walker Denise, That is so true!

Melinda Doan Bryce Melinda, It’s funny as heck, but the advice is real. One page a day, a quote from someone famous, advice to take into your day… And while you’re reading, you can really hear Bernie’s voice and imagine him sitting on his chair talking to America. Talking straight to you. It’s no-holds-barred, just like he was.

MMW.News,  Well, I wish you every success with the promotion of this book. As this success tapers off, will you be taking on any new clients? If so, who do you wish to work with? And how can they contact you?
Melinda Doan Bryce  Melinda, I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we’re always interested in taking on new projects, but the project really has to resonate with us.
MMW.News,  That’s understandable. You wish to be selective.

Denise Jordan WalkerDenise, Indeed!

Melinda Doan Bryce Melinda, And,  I don’t anticipate the success of this book tapering off too quickly! Our agent and publisher feel like this book will be a bookstore shelf staple, and its popularity will rise as more people find it. It’s always good for a Father’s Day gift or a graduation gift. It’s a nice hardcover, so it’s perfect really for any gifting.

But you can reach us through our website at www.walkerbrycecreative.com. There’s a contact form there, and you can also see some of our other projects.

Denise Jordan Walker Denise, The good thing about the book is that it’s applicable for any year. It doesn’t have a specific start date and you can pick up the book to read on whatever day you wish to start. The only challenge is reading just one page a day!

MMW.News,  As there is talk about Michigan bringing back its film incentives, will you consider working with any film productions?
Melinda Doan Bryce Melinda,   We have a few projects in the early works, and of course, we keep our contacts close. So, when we get to the point that we need to crew up, we know who to look for both in Michigan and Chicago as well as L.A. and Atlanta! There are great filmmakers in Michigan, and I hope that we come to a version of the incentives that will help boost the Michigan film landscape. I’d love to see it booming!
Oh, one more thing– we are associate producers on the film “Half Dead Fred” which premieres in Flint on August 7th! So, check that one out. And follow our Walker-Bryce Creative, LLC facebook page for updates on the book and all of our projects! The book is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Wamart, Booksamillion, and at a whole host of independent bookstores

Denise Jordan Walker Denise, Our audiobook will be released after June 21st. Celebrity impressionist Reggie Reg voiced the entire book in Bernie Mac’s voice.

MMW.News,  On a final note regarding the book..

Melinda, Denise, and I co-created this book alongside Rhonda, who contributed many stories and valuable information about her late husband. We are co-writers on the book and our company, WBC, LLC, holds the copyrights. We are not just a publicity team… I’ve had several people ask (a little confused) because the book does not show our names on the cover, but we’re in the back of the book in the writer’s acknowledgments!

About Denise Jordan Walker and Melinda Doan Bryce
Walker-Bryce Creative, LLC: Denise Jordan-Walker is a celebrity publicist, manager, radio personality, voice talent, producer, and writer. Denise was Bernie’s Chicago publicist and is Rhonda’s publicist.

Melinda K. Bryce is an accomplished writer with multiple books and screenplays to her credit.

MEDIA CONTACT: Denise Jordan Walker walkerbrycecreative@gmail.com (708) 733-6132

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You can view a lengthy sample of the book here! pages!

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