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Transparency moment-Being an actor is Tough! I have lost friends due to jealousy and lack of support, and relationships have been tested/compromised!

I have lost/quit jobs in the past, sacrificed time with family and loved ones, and missed important events because I’m working!

Had to fight to get my worth which sometimes still ain’t enough, move around in different places ALOT, and rehearsals at night 4-5 days a week for multiple different projects that end late at night sometimes!

Being in the public eye and under a microscope CONSTANTLY because people recognize me as “the guy from the movies on Tubi.”

I could go on and on but I’ll say this. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE what I do and I’m getting better at it and I wouldn’t stop for anything and I WILL NOT BE STOPPED,…BIGGER THINGS ARE COMING FOR ME!!

For the people that think they want to act please understand this come with a lot to deal with,make sure you ready!!”  Alphonso Settles

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