Delores Flynn introduces Director of Photography of ‘Why Me?’ Jeff Sukes

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This month I would like to shift my focus to highlight some of the crew on “Why Me!?”

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with the talented Jeff Sukes on season one of the Starz drama series Black Mafia Family Executive Produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

During our interactions, I appreciated the way he worked with the crew, how he was respectful, and his beautiful shots were the cherry on top.

So, I was thrilled that he wanted to be the Director of Photography after reading the script for “Why Me!?”
We shot on the Arri Alexa Mini LF with Cooke Full Frame 1.8x SF Anamorphic lenses capturing stunning black and white images over the course of six days in the fall of 2021.

Sukes is a Detroit-based Cinematographer. Interested in cinematography from a young age, Jeff has always firmly believed in finding the right cinematography to fit the story being told. From national commercial spots to feature film work, Jeff has had the pleasure of working on a wide variety of countless projects.

An avid traveler, Jeff has shot in countries such as China, Iran, Brazil, Romania, and many more.

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Delores Flynn/Dee Lo’s “Why Me?”  premieres in September 2022.

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