George “Tyrus” Murdoch is now part of the cast of Jeffrey Swerdan’s ‘Confined Hatred’

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George “Tyrus” Murdoch is now part of the cast of Jeffrey Swerdan’s Confined Hatred.

Recognized for his time as a professional wrestler in the WWE, NWA, and Impact Wrestling organizations, he was most widely known as “Tyrus” and formally known as Brodus Clay or The Funkasaurus.

He also worked as a cable news personality on Fox News Channel, and its sister streaming service Fox Nation, primarily as a co-host of the late-night talk show Gutfeld!, as well as a  political news commentator. Tyrus appears on as well as a contributor to other programs.  He has appeared in both movies and TV series.

As an author, Tyrus published his autobiography Just Tyrus: A Memoir in 2022, which has become a New York Times bestseller.

Tyrus resides in Louisiana, but spends much of his time between New York and Los Angeles, California.

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About Confirmed Hatred the movie
“Confined Hatred” follows Sgt. Robin Sole as she awakens and finds herself trapped with six other strangers in a dangerous game of racism and torment. A mysterious voice pushes the seven strangers to put aside their personal prejudices and work together in order to find a way to escape.

Says Swerdan, “On the surface, it may look like “Confined Hatred” is just another “trapped” style horror film. However, once the story gets rolling it evolves into an emotional thriller in which racism and prejudice are tackled head-on.”

Continues Swerdan explaining why it took all of three years to finish this script, “While the core of this movie is about racism, I wanted to make sure that each character could be relatable to the different audience members watching the movie. So the biggest obstacle was just making sure that each character had their own voice.”

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