Check out the Spoiler Free Instant Review from Rob E on Top Gun Maverick!

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Check out the, SPOILER FREE, Instant Review from Rob E on Top Gun Maverick!

Hello Attackers, I’m your host Rob E and
Welcome to the very first instant review.
We’re gonna take a look
at “Top Gun Maverick
and we’re off.
Here we go, that’s right! I just left the
theaters of seeing this film and I gotta
it was worth the 33-year wait.
Finally after an initial release date of
2019 that was originally pushed back for
some reshoots and then unfortunately
covet hit which obviously pushed the
movie back and the film took all the way
until now for us to finally see it on
the big screen after Tom Cruise refused
to let the studio put it in streaming.  He
says he makes movies for the big screen
and he doesn’t lie. Just wants to manage
In fact, there’s actually a pretty great
intro from him at the beginning of the
film and it just helps build
what it means to go to the theater
and just be taken away on a film that’s
just fun that’s not too deep. There’s no
superheroes, just something to take you
out of reality for a couple of hours and
experience something epic on the big
Tom Cruise delivers with Top Gun:
Maverick. This movie brought back so many
nostalgic feelings. It touches on
just the right amount of fan base
throwback, nostalgia tie-ins to the film
without going over the top, but just
enough to keep you on the edge of the
If you’re a Gen- X,  I will say, I think
some of that does get lost on Gen-Z
not having the 33 years of an emotional tie.
For the film, however, I did take a Gen-0
with me and she did find the movie quite
entertaining. There’s amazing action.
There’s some amazing cinematography done
in this.
It feels as if you are in the jets
way more than the first one.
You can feel the g-forces with them as
they’re flying. Those scenes come
out amazing. I’m not going to give any
spoilers away, I couldn’t spoil the movie
if I wanted to. It is just fun. I want to
give a huge shout out to Val Kilmer’s
return just seeing his name on the
opening credits brought tears to my eyes.
it was so exciting to see him on the big screen
Truly great to see Iceman back him and
Tom Cruise. The chemistry hasn’t skipped
the beat. It’s great to see those two
together. People that go see this film
that are looking for an escape that just
want to have a good time,
this movie is going to give you exactly
that. So, without taking too much of your
time, I’m gonna give this movie four
Attack on Shows out of five. It is
fantastic. I do think there probably
could have been a little bit of like a
storyline twist or a little bit more
added to that. However,
I think the point of the film is to not
do that it is to have all the feels of a
great 80s film and it captured it
perfectly. Ladies and gentlemen, go see
the film. You will not be disappointed.
Let me know your thoughts on it. I’d love
to hear what you think of the movie. As
always, I’m Rob E this is Attack on Show.


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