Kaleidoscope Film and Television announces the development of the dark-comedy feature film, Completely Loyal to Me.

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by Theresa Chase
Kaleidoscope Film and Television announces the development of the dark-comedy feature film, Completely Loyal to Me. Set in the 1950s, it depicts a time when people had to hide who they were to be accepted and safe. But that wasn’t easy.  McCarthyism made it difficult to keep secrets Neighbors spying on each other became the norm. Those who were different, even in private, were ostracized, especially women and the LBGTQ community.

More than just a dark comedy, Completely Loyal to Me will take the audiences on a wild ride of plot twists and turns which will end in a very unexpected place. As in Family Plot and Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf, the two couples plot and scheme only to learn that even the best-laid plans can still go awry, especially when the person they believe to be an ally has an agenda of his own.

Much like the surprise endings of Deathtrap and Honey Pot, the audience will be kept guessing until the final moment when the double doors close. Unlike most in the genre, greed is only a façade. The true motivations are revenge for a love unjustly stolen and societal pressures, which force people to conform.

Margaret and George were a team, who used their considerable charms to romance others out of their fortunes. Margaret marries Samuel to inherit his millions only to learn after his “untimely” death that the terms of his will have bound her to the estate and Samuel’s manservant, William James. Changing their strategy, Margaret and George married. Instead of traveling the world to find new marks, they use the mansion to lure. them into their web.

William James reluctantly agrees to help. When he meets Lennetta and Gary, William James realized that he has found who he had been seeking. Manipulating the meeting of the couples, he moves forward with each believing that he is their ally. It is only when their cons come to fruition that they realize he has another agenda.

Filmed in the Sacramento California area, Completely Loyal to Me will entertain, but it will also act as a reminder of the consequences of discrimination. By holding up a mirror and reflecting the true image of the decade, Completely Loyal to Me will help prevent those behaviors from once again becoming the norm.

Currently, the production team is looking for funding to produce and distribute Completely Loyal to Me. Kaleidoscope Film and Television is a new film and television production studio that will be producing projects based on age, gender, and ethnic diversity. It will be breaking stereotypes in front of and behind the cameras, especially for women, Native Americans, and veterans.

To be located in Oklahoma, KFAT will be making full use of the film and business incentives the state has to offer. Its creator and motivating force, Theresa Chaze started working in film and television in the mid-1980s at a small independent TV station.

Moving to Traverse City, she worked at an ABC affiliate as a writer, producer, editor, and director. In the early 1990s, she was hired as a ghostwriter for two feature films and two shorts. Additionally, she worked on several independent films as part of the crew and as a producer.

On the third project, she learned things about the production team that forced her to walk away from the industry. About ten years ago, she started the slow journey back only to find that starting a career as a writer and producer is easier than restarting one.


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