The official 4K Ultra HD ‘Crestar and the Knight Stallion’ trailer is now online

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Imagine if you could leap tall buildings in a single bound, fly through the air, and save people on a daily basis…but you have to be home by ten because you live with your overbearing Arab/desi mom. A mom by the way who’s just a little scarier than your arch-nemesis.

Crestar and the Knight Stallion may be the only two superheroes out there that battle the forces of evil while still having to deal with curfews, immigrant values, and arranged marriages.

These two besties might just become legends…if they don’t get each other killed first.

Crestar and the Knight Stallion is still in production.  The exact release date for ‘Crestar and the Knight Stallion’ has not been announced yet, nor has its platform been finalized. Director Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad took to Instagram to share the trailer and also ask fans where they would like the series to be streamed.

About Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad
Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad is an American film director, writer, and producer from Detroit, Michigan. He is also co-founder and current CEO of Detroit-based film production company Exxodus Pictures.

Born to Pakistani parents in West Bloomfield, Michigan, he attended Detroit Country Day School in Southfield, Michigan, and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Ajmal began his career as a concept designer in California for film, television, and commercials. He made his debut in 2000 by creating a commercial for Apple Computers called Apple Core. Ajmal then produced a short film Alliance in 2005 and a Bollywood film It’s a Mismatch (now Perfect Mismatch) in 2009.

He gained public recognition with his action-horror-thriller film “Jinn” (2014) Ajmal also appeared in the television series “Icon News” (2010) and the film “The Citizen” (2012.)  “My Soul To Keep.” was released in 2019.

About Exxodus Pictures
Exxodus Pictures is an entertainment company whose business begins, but does not end at film.

Exxodus specializes in the creation and production of high-quality entertainment ranging from motion pictures, television, and commercial advertising to animation and music.

It is a core belief at Exxodus that an entertainment company must be built upon great ideas as well as quality production. With this philosophy in mind, Exxodus is laying the foundation for the entertainment industry in Detroit


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