Lorenzo Pierson’s comedy/drama ‘Just Sex’ is now on TubiTV

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Having premiered in time for Valentine’s Day,  February 12, at the GDX Emagine Theater Saginaw, Lorenzo Pierson’s comedy/ drama  “Just Sex” can now be seen on Fox Network’s TubiTV.  In case you were not able to attend the Red Carpet Premiere,  you can now stream it.

Just Sex” is a story of four women who face life’s tests and triumph together. From dating to divorce and friends to family to relationships. Mia, Simone, Sasha, and Meagan support each other despite their differing backgrounds, learning about love and relationships.

Written, produced, and directed by Lorenzo Pierson, “Just Sex” stars Chynna Abraham Corey Ufit Tiffany Scott Brandi Bates Turquoise Angelique Blue Victoria Scarborough CJ Lewis Frederick Temple Foresteen Hood Melvin Eagle DeVaughn Collins DeeJay Prince Steffaney Nichols Tarshia Lewis James Knox Jr. Kirsy Worsy.  The director of photography for “Just Sex” is Jovon Mitchell, and the graphic designer is Ger’Quia Abner.  “Just Sex” is an LP Entertainment Film.

“Just Sex” has “The hottest leading cast for a movie! There isn’t anything like it!” Let the ladies of “Just Sex” tell you all about this movie.  The ladies of “Just Sex”  Mia, Simone, Sasha

About Lorenzo Pierson
Saginaw-born Lorenzo Pierson has written 22 novels, produced 8 stageplays, and created 3 movies with “Just Sex” his third.  He has 7 more movie scripts written and ready to go.

A graduate of Delta College and Saginaw Valley State University,  he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with a minor in Political Science. He released his first featured film “Trapped By Deception” in 2020. He is in production on his third film, “Just Sex.”

Today, producer Lorenzo Pierson is positioning and establishing himself as one of the industry’s blockbuster hitmakers. A member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, he has been featured in several high-profile magazines, newspaper articles, and regional news stories and has received numerous awards from Michigan.

His films include African-American themes. In addition, his films feature a cast of new talent.  His films take place in the State of Michigan.

Lorenzo Pierson’s first movie, “Trapped By Deception,” debuted on TUBITV in the middle of September,2021. His second movie, “Perfect Justice,” followed in November and now be found on TubiTV as well.

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