25th Frame Films in association with Char’Actors Presents ‘Dilemma’

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25th Frame Films in association with Char’Actors presents “Dilemma.” Written by Janaya Black (Turn of the Cheek) and directed by Shiek Mahmud-Bey, and DP Derrick Hammond. “Dilemma” stars Rayan Lawrence  Shannon Weiss, and Nefertiti Warren.

25th Frame Films Productions and Char’Actors, a company of artists dedicated to acting and filmmaking with the objective of advancing careers and creating opportunities for members to write, produce, and direct their own works, are jumping into the genre with other promising shorts such as “Dilemma,”

“Dilemma” is a story about a woman named Lisa (Shannon Weiss) a schizophrenic. who controls her condition well with medication.  When her brother, Joseph (Ryan Lawerance), moves in with her, all of that changes/

Realizing that her brother is planning to get married, Lisa stops taking her meds and chaos ensues. When the chaos ensues, Lisa, Joseph, and Joanne (Warren), his fiancée, are faced with a dilemma.

Actor, producer Shiek Mahmud-Bey is helping others to break down barriers in Hollywood. (25th Frame Films)

About Janaya Black
Janaya Black is a producer and director, known for Till Death… Do Us Part (2008), Bigger Than the Game (2018) and I Am My Sister’s Keeper (2015).

A passionate writer at heart, from the silver screen to the stage, she seamlessly blends her creative drive and aspirations into the many other facets that make up her impressive resume.

In 2004, Janaya wrote and published her first fiction novel “The Breaking Point,” followed by her second release “As Told by the Other Woman,” in November of 2006,  and the third and final installment of the “Prison Chronicles” series Beautiful Rage: The Break of Dawn in 2008.

With the release of her first book followed the spark that ignited her love for the art of independent filmmaking. After teaming with her husband Rockey Black to create a trailer for “The Breaking Point”, she then went on to write, direct and produce several short film projects and released her first feature-length film, “Till Death…Do Us Part,” to DVD in 2009.

In subsequent years, she went on to complete a plethora of other stage and film productions that include “The Breaking Point””, Idol,”” I Am My Sister’s Keeper,”” Why Do Men Cheat” and “Loud Pack,” and most recently “Warrior Pride,” which was released in December 2018.

Janaya wears many hats. As president/CEO of Black-Smith Enterprises, an entertainment infrastructure was created to house all of her creative projects.

About Shiek Mahmud-Bey
Born in Brooklyn, NY, one of five children. Shiek’s first stage performance was with the Char “Actors” Improvisation Theater Company. Attending NYU, Shiek took classes in film production, cinematography, and writing.

In August 2002,  Shiek portrayed Rubin “Hurricane” Carter in ‘The Way Out’, a play he helped develop. Shiek’s work earned him a place as a New York International Fringe Festival Winner in the Best Performance category. The following year, Shiek received critical acclaim for his role as a Catholic Priest accused of pedophilia in the play “Acts of Contrition”.

Described as an actor with a large range and chameleon-like ability, he has portrayed characters ranging from FBI agents, the only African American terrorist in the first world trade center attack, street thugs, a Guyanese Consulate, a corrupted Army Sergeant, Police Detectives, and the list goes on.

His biggest film break came when the late Sidney Lumet gave him the opportunity of a lifetime to play one of New York City’s most notorious drug lords opposite an all-star cast.

Shiek has appeared opposite some of Hollywood and television’s biggest stars including Joe Mantegna, Marcia Gay Harden, Robert DeNiro, Nicolas Cage, Andy Garcia, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix.

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