Join us at the 7th annual Detroit International Festival of Animation (DIFA) Saturday, May 7th, 2022

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On Saturday, May 7th, 2022 in Detroit, the 7th annual Detroit International Festival of Animation (DIFA) will celebrate and showcase a wild diversity of animations from animators and filmmakers local and international.  DIFA will feature approximately 90 minutes of animated shorts ranging from experimental to quirky as well as more sophisticated mini features.

NEW FOR 2022 – DIFA is now hosted at the historic Senate Theater in Detroit!  This revitalized 1920’s Art Deco theater is home to the world’s 8th largest Wurlitzer pipe organ and features 784 seats, a classic concession stand, comfy lounge areas and secure parking.

Admission is only $10 and doors open at 7 PM with showtime at 8 PM. Arrive early by 7:30pm to see the Wurlitzer Pipe Organ preshow presented by the Detroit Theater Organ Society!

NOTE: This event is parental guidance suggested due to some mature content and themes. See the 2022 film schedule for synopses on each film.

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7th Annual Detroit International Festival of Animation
Saturday May 7th 2022 – 7pm Doors, 8pm Showtime

Senate Theater, 6424 Michigan Ave, Detroit

2022 DIFA Animations & Animators

May we present to you, the animations and animators of the 7th annual Detroit International Festival of Animation (in screening order):

“Souls of Ukraine” – Volunteer Video, Olexandr Gudenko, Anastasiia Delibalt, Yevheniia Braslavets, Yevhen Spirivak (2022 Ukraine 1:35)
Ukrainian innocents who didn’t live to see tomorrow.

“A Daffodil Under Close Inspection” – Kathryn L. Darnell (2021 Michigan 1:15)
The poet, looking closely at a flower, finds a metaphorical language for what she sees.

“There is exactly enough time” – Oskar Salomonowitz (2021 Austria 2:00)
Oskar Salomonowitz, the 12-year-old son of filmmakers Anja Salomonowitz and Virgil Widrich, had drawn 206 frames of a flip book when he died in an accident. Using the remaining blank sheets, his father continued drawing the film.

“Mr. Birdington” – Benjamin Kieda (2021 California 5:09)
A man goes to work and realizes that his coworker has been replaced with a bird.

“Grace” – Peter Kimball (2020 Washington DC 1:00)
A troubled man seeks forgiveness for his sins but finds things are far worse than he could have imagined.

“The Turnip” – Piret Sigus, Silja Saarepuu (2022 Estonia 7:12)
Based on the Slavic folktale, the story is shown from an underground view of what really happened while peasants were engaged in the cultivation of vegetables.

“Place to Place” – Natasha Cánepa (2021 Puerto Rico 1:37)
A text from a lonely traveler pushes a group of friends from faraway places to reunite

“Toddler Talks” – Diana Reichenbach (2021 Georgia 3:33)
A documentary animated short based on audio recordings of a toddler-aged boy named Henry. The film is animated in a way that mimics the development of language and emotions—which aren’t always clear and articulated at first.

“John Henry” – David Donar (2021 South Carolina 1:30)
John Henry is most recognized as an African American Man who worked on driving spikes into the rails or building the rail tunnels in West Virginia during the late 1800’s.

“Lake Erie” – John Vassallo (2021 Canada 7:52)
When two bullies pressure a shy kid to vandalize an old lighthouse on the shores of Lake Erie, they are confronted by Captain Wiley, the subject of many local ghost stories.

“Pimento!” – Caleb Carl Nelson (2021 Michigan 5:50)
A tiny goblin is sent out on a special errand: to steal from the sprawling human-populated metropolis Ballyhoo!

“9’th Circle” – Mark Dagondon (2021 Canada 1:05)
A short drop and a sudden stop.

“Memento Mori” – Paul O’Flanagan (2021 Ireland 8:46)
In Victorian Dublin, a post-mortem photographer receives his latest subject, a recently deceased young woman, late one stormy night.


“Black Foodie Freedom Fighters” – MCR/Electric Otto(2021 Michigan 1:00)
The Revolution is in our Stomachs! An Apple a Day keeps Foolishness Away!

“A Is For Apple” – Adam Mick Laughlin (2021 Indiana 1:37)
A worm finds a city inside an apple, but must escape the fascist government drones inside.

“The Dalang’s Tale” – Irwan Junaidy, Maizura Abas, ‘Atiqah Mohd Abu Bakar (2021 Malaysia 6:10)
A short film about domestic violence with visuals inspired by Malaysian traditional wayang kulit or shadowpuppets where two stories intertwine.

“CYMK (Colors You May Know)” – David Chai (2021 California 2:40)
A friendly reminder from your besties at House of Chai to please love one another and celebrate our differences.

“Nestling” – Marat Valerievich Narimanov (2020 Russian Federation 6:35)
The story of a friendship between a lonely old man and an helpless nestling, confronted by a group of ignorant boys.

“Sleeping Bear” – Johanna Oswald (2022 Michigan 6:29)
A mother bear and her two cubs escape one threat, only to be thrown into another. This retelling of an Odawa legend shows the love a mother has for her babies, at any cost.

“Oyasumi~Lullaby of Flame~” – Arisa Wakami (2021 Japan 6:46)
Even in the midst of turbulent times, it is okay. Life goes on. A new world has already begun.

“Embrace” – Latesha Merkel (2022 Indiana 5:18)
A short film about asexuality that explores the common experience of feeling different than most of the population and also emphasizes self-love and joy that can come from recognition of one’s asexuality.

“Koyote Kevin Teaches Respect” – Matt Ley (2021 United Kingdom 4:11)
Two kids in detention are made to watch an old-school PSA about an important aspect of everyday life.

“Geo Metro” – Troy Taroy (2018 California 1:51)
A musical tribute to a classic American car

“Bigfoot Took my Photo!” – Sasha Espinosa (2021 California 5:42)
Johanna has photographic proof that Bigfoot is real! That is, until Bigfoot himself steals it.

7th Annual Detroit International Festival of Animation

Saturday May 7 2022 – Senate Theater – Detroit

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