Tune in tomorrow night for the 2022 DFA nominee announcements

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Tomorrow the Detroit Filmmaker Awards will celebrate your favorite actors. actresses and filmmakers on Podcastic 2!

Tune in to see who gets nominated!

Get your tickets to the 2022 Detroit Filmmaker Awards today at:


About the Detroit Filmmaker Awards
On May 22, 2022, the best and the brightest in Detroit’s Film and Media industry will ascend to celebrate Detroit’s independent film community.

Awards will be presented in over 27 subcategories, from 3 distinct film disciplines (short, feature, and digital series).

Over 30 nominations will be presented for Best Director, Best Film, Best Actor and Actress, and the coveted DFA Lifetime Achievement Award.

This inaugural celebration is sure to be the next collective step towards self-actualization and self-celebration for Detroit film.

Join us in continuing this journey of greatness in film

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