(Interview) Director Delores M. Flynn/DeeLo Productions drops trailer for ‘Why Me?’–and promises more to come

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In a Facebook post director Delores Flynn writes:

I’m excited to share a glimpse of the stellar work from my fantastic cast and crew on my latest short film: “Why Me!?”

The film is a true story based on the life of a dear family member of mine who was abused by her husband.

The 25-page script was filmed over the course of six days in September/October 2021 with seven cast members, around 50 background actors, and a crew of 23 that worked at nine locations.

It was beautifully shot on the Arri Alexa mini LF by Cinematographer Jeff Sukes with Gaffer Jake Gottman and edited by Andy Bisaha.

I’ll be sharing more information in the weeks to come, but without further ado here is the Official Trailer.

Mrs. Flynn agreed to this interview regarding her other movies.

“Why Me?” stars  , , and Lauren Ross.

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