Ms. LB Brown’s pilot episode of the “Dirty D” premieres April 16th

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After being shot in a domestic squabble,  author Lisa Brown,  with the idea of helping other women,  penned her first novel “He Played Me.”  This novel remained at the top of Amazon’s best seller’s list for over twenty weeks.  After this run,  Brown developed this true-life experience into an award-winning movie with the hopes of her story empowering women across the world, “to turn their pain, Into their purpose.”.

Hot on the heels of “He Played Me,” Brown released her second feature.  About a group of friends in Detroit torn apart when secrets of betrayal come out that lead them to take revenge on narcissistic men and their jump-offs,  this movie was based upon her book, “These Men for Everybody.” In February 2022 Ms. Brown released her second feature film titled “These Men for Everybody”. As the writer, director, executive producer, and stylist of this production, Ms. Brown discovered her creative side and developed a passion for film production.

Now she has announced the recent completion of her production of “The Dirty D”, a television series centered around a nightclub in Detroit, scheduled for release in Summer 2022.

Synopsis: What happens when you mix drugs, money, sex, and drama together with beautiful, money-hungry, conniving Bottle Girls, inside one of Detroit’s hottest nightclubs ran by a shady power couple. Things get dirty. Welcome to “The Dirty D,” where money, power, and respect, are often followed by greed, envy, and betrayal.


The Exclusive One Night premiere of the hit new television series “The Dirty D” (Pilot Episode) screens Saturday, April 16th,2022.
The Red Carpet of this premier starts at 6 PM

Showtime 7 PM.

All Tickets Are $35 (General Admission ONLY)
Tickets Go On Sale March 11th,2022 Through Eventbrite! Link Below 👇🏽

You will want to catch this special premiere.  It will be something talked about for some time.

This is a Plush Production.
After publishing four books and becoming a best-selling author Ms. L.B. established Plush Publishing in 2019 to give new authors a voice and platform. Her Self-Help Book “Lets It Go Sis! It’s Time to Move On!” is currently Amazon’s Best Seller. authoress Lisa Brown is using the knowledge and expertise learned during her writing journey to help other self-publishing authors become Best-Selling Authors as well.

She currently has 5 Published Books (Three Fiction Novels) “He Played Me Part 1” and “He Played Me Part 2”, based on her true story and secret enemy. (Self-Help Book) “Let It Go Sis! It’s Time to Move On!” and (a guide to self-publishing) “Shut Up and Write!”

“Going through a crisis will change you, whether for the good or bad, is ultimately up to you. It took fighting thirteen felonies and being shot twice, for her to fully understand: Sometimes you have to lose it all, to understand it all.”  Ms. Lisa Authoress Brown.

For more on Ms. Lisa Brown
Along with her professional accomplishments, Ms. Brown is a dedicated community activist. In 2016, she founded Promise, a nonprofit organization. The organization’s mission is aimed to help individuals in disadvantaged, urban communities, overcome the challenges they may face when seeking employment by providing job training and educational resources needed to overcome those obstacles, empowering them to build a better life for themselves and their families. In her free time, Ms. Brown loves to read, travel, and spend quality time with her two children.


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