‘Hope’s Song’ Red Carpet Premiere is March 18–(see) trailer and poster

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The movie “Hope’s Song” will premiere on March 18 at 242 Community Church,  Ann Arbor Campus.  With the Red Carpet premiere scheduled at 5:30 PM, there will be a red carpet with photo opportunities, snacks, and appetizers, the film will be followed by a Q and A afterward.

“Hope’s Song” is the story of Cameron Ryder, a semi-famous singer who is about to release his new album. His girlfriend Hope is facing a serious medical diagnosis no one saw coming. With the help of his entire family, they begin the treatment process, which draws Hope and Cameron even closer. Will their love be able to survive?

“Hope’s Song” was written by Savannah Weaver and directed and filmed by Benjamin Olson.  It stars Brenda Jo Reutebuch as Dr. Thompson, Joseph Moreland as Pastor Joseph, Sharon Nelson as Dr. Swanson, Tenley Stitzer as Addison Ryder, Micehelle L. King as Mrs. Ryder, and Bethany Hazeliitt as Hope Peters, among others.

Produced by TLBM Productions, TLBM Productions is an indie movie production company based in Michigan. Making films about real-life subjects.
Ticket information
Tickets bought are $18
if you want a poster that will be signed by the cast and the director

Tickets include snacks and water.
Tickets can be purchased via PayPal or Venmo. The links are here
For Paypal ( there is a $1 service charge per ticket that we ask you cover unless you pay a friend instead of buying goods and services): PayPal.me/Bethany
For Venmo: @Bethany-Kate last 4 digits of phone numbers if needed are 6882


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