Award winning ‘If I Can’t Have You’ to be distributed by Midnight Releasing

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After 175 emails, 15 meetings, and 3 offers, the award-winning Michigan thriller “If I Can’t Have You” has landed a distribution deal with distributor Midnight Releasing.

Midnight Releasing is a premier home entertainment distributor of quality independent horror/thriller and sci-fi movies.  Recently Midnight Releasing has also expanded into distributing drama and action-based titles as well to gain as much traction and cater to the ever-growing advertising video on demand (AVOD) market exclusively throughout the North America Region.

A division of Maxim Media Marketing Incorporated,  a worldwide leader in independent genre film distribution, Maintaining relationships with major cable operators, internet and satellite video-on-demand platforms,  Midnight Releasing’s movies can be seen on, but are not limited to Comcast,  Time Warner, Cox Communications, Dish Network, DirecTV, iTunes, FandangoNOW, and others.

A teaser trailer from “If I Can’t Have You.”

and , who co-created the 2019 Entropy or (An Irresponsible Retelling of the Iliad), “If I Can’t Have You” was directed by Peter Poulus (The Stain) and Matthew Santia.

“If I Can’t Have You” stars  Harley Wallen as Greg,  Allyson L. Smith as Karen, Brian Boyton as Austin,  Mandy Logsdon as Barb, and Tennille Taraszkiewicz as Diane, among others.

“If I Can’t Have You” is Tennille T’s debut feature (she has done three short films, and two documentaires in the past). Based upon the 48 Hour film challenge format, this story is reminiscent of  “Fatal Attraction” with “Scream” elements thrown in.  Rather than writing in detail about the story,  here is an interview that covers the production and highlights of the movie.

Award and nominations

“If I Can’t Have You screens at the Motor City Legacy Horror Convention and Film Festival in Romulus
March 18 at 4:00.
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